Keep Melbourne Marvellous!

Crush negativity. Kick COVID. Believe in Melbourne.

Melbourne needs you

Now is the time to stand for your city, a world success story.

Melburnians like you fed up with negativity are changing the narrative and championing efforts to reopen, reignite & shine a positive light on Melbourne - a city like no other.

Let's bring back the buzz.

Let's reignite the Melb-magic.

Let's get back our No 1 Most Liveable City title.

Let's kick the COVID hiccup.

Unleash your can-do spirit - be marvellous for Melbourne and Keep Melbourne Marvellous!

Keep Melbourne Marvellous! primary logo showing the text and a green block representing the Hoddle Grid and hues of Melbourne's parks and gardens.

Together, we can do it. A Melbourne you love, like never before

As the gateway to the state of Victoria, bringing back Melbourne's mojo is paramount. It starts with you.

We're Melbourne. We're marvellous. Keep Melbourne Marvellous!

Woman with a Keep Melbourne Marvellous! T-shirt
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You need Melbourne and Melbourne needs you

You're vaxxed to the max and want lockdowns never. Ever. Again.

It's tested us, but you'll get past the COVID hiccup - like getting over a late tram, your footy team losing, or your favourite cafe selling out of smashed-avo toast.

Now Melbourne needs a shot in the arm.

You can play a part.

It's time to shine a positive light and kick the negativity.

Melbourne needs your TLC like never before to turbo-charge the recovery.

By pulling together, we are unbreakable. 💪

Cheer the city you love.

Join the buzz to bring back the buzz.

Keep Melbourne Marvellous!

I'm in! This is so Melbourne

It matters that you Keep Melbourne Marvellous!

Kick the COVID blues.

Fight the negativity.

Cheer on, and cheer up your city.

Reclaim the community buzz, the Melbourne you love.

Bring back Melbourne's mojo - support local businesses, community groups, each other.

Now more than ever Melburnians, everywhere across the metro region, need to come together and believe in Melbourne.

Go, Team Melbourne.

Celebrate how marvellous this city is.

Keep Melbourne Marvellous!

A text message pretending to be from a mobile phone "owned" by Melbourne saying: "Dear Mojo, Come home! Love, Melbourne."

The Gold Rush in Victoria made Melbourne the richest, fastest-growing city in the world during the 1880s - earning us the enduring moniker Marvellous Melbourne

It's time to team up, Melbourne. Keep Melbourne Marvellous!

Yes, it's our Melbourne. What can I do?

Support local: businesses, grassroots venues, community groups, each other - get behind Keep Melbourne Marvellous!

Take up marv deals and incentives to back hospitality, retail and other sectors as COVID restrictions ease and the city reopens.

Claim back the mojo - from Mitcham to Mooroolbark, Moorabbin to Mulgrave, Melton to Moonee Ponds. Mojo to the max across metro Melbourne.

Get involved: See how and what you're missing

Tell us what you think

Shine a positive light wearing Keep Melb Marv merch

Check back for updates and more ways to Keep Melbourne Marvellous!

Melburnians like you are pulling together like never before

Join the buzz to bring back the buzz. Leave behind the negativity. Support the city that supports you.

Count me in, I love Melbourne!

Get the mojo before anyone else, the best limited-edition and fab merch offers, and hot tips how you can Keep Melb Marv!

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Is it a bad time to blitz your fave social networks?

Like never before, Melbourne needs a pick-me-up.

Bust a move for Melbourne on TikTok

Post your merch selfies on Insta

Use your influencer cred on LinkedIn networks

Email your contacts (share funny cat videos tomorrow)

Post using #KeepMelbourneMarvellous

A woman proudly showing her Keep Melbourne Marvellous! T-shirt.

How do I learn more?

Keep Melbourne Marvellous! has just started and, to bring you more, the team's working faster than a barista can froth up your special-order latte.

Check back for the latest and more ways to Keep Melbourne Marvellous!

I have a knock-out idea. How to reach the team?

Contact us with feedback and comments.

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